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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs E Bartholomew       


Mrs K Wright                   


Ms A Larue                       

 Year 4 Class Teacher, Upper School Phase Leader, SLT

Mrs T Allday                     

 Year 1 Class Teacher, Lower School Phase Leader, SLT

Mrs K Crawford               

 EYFS Class Teacher and Lead, SLT

Ms K Howard                   

 Year 6 Class Teacher, ELT

Ms K Fox                           

 Year 6 Class Teacher, ELT

Mrs R Haveron               

  Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs C Black                     

 Year 5 Class Teacher

Mr S Snelling                   

 Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Van Der Zanden   

 Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs E Turner                   

 Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs J Simmonds             

 Year 3 Class Teacher

Miss D Oddi                     

 Year 2 Class Teacher, E Safety Lead

Miss K Lilley                     

 Year 2 Class Teacher, ELT

Miss A Brennan             

 Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss L Timms                 

 EYFS Class Teacher

Ms K Firkins                   


Mrs G Powell                   

 Upper School HLTA/LPSA

Mrs E Griffith                 

 Upper School HLTA/LPSA

Miss H Cook                   

 Upper School HLTA/LPSA

Mrs C Gooding               

 Upper School LPSA

Miss H Smith                 

 Lower School HLTA/LPSA

Mrs K Smith                   

 Lower School LPSA

Mrs S Smith                     

 Lower School LPSA

Mrs T Bowers                 

 Lower School LPSA

Mrs N Knight                   

 Lower School LPSA

Mrs S Bell                         

 EYFS LPSA, Nursery Nurse

Mrs J Tedder                   


Ms J Dingwall                 

 Upper School SEN LPSA

Mrs J Evans                     

 Upper School SEN LPSA

Mr K Lammas                 

 Upper School SEN LPSA, Sports Coach

Mrs C Sharpe                   

 Lower School SEN LPSA

Ms J Armes                     

 Lower School SEN LPSA

Mrs S Tallowin               

 Lower School SEN LPSA

Miss M Rozier                 

 Lower School SEN LPSA

Miss A James                 

 Interventions LPSA

Miss J A Walker

Pastoral Care Manager

Mrs T Cochrane             

 Office/Finance Manager

Mrs T Rainbird              

 Administration Officer

Mrs M Stacey                  

 Admissions and Attendance Officer

Mrs M Firth-Bernard

Finance Assistant

Mr M Irving                   


Mrs J Chopping            

 Catering Manager

Miss G Newberry         

 Catering Assistant

Mrs B King                    

 Catering Assistant

Mrs Y Dunshire           

 Catering Assistant

Mrs V Smith                 


Miss L Harrison           







Picture 1 Mrs Bartholomew - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Wright - Deputy Head
Picture 3 Ms Larue Y4 Teacher/Upper School Leader SLT
Picture 4 Mrs Allday Y1 Teacher/Lower School Leader SLT
Picture 5 Mrs Crawford - RKC Teacher EYFS Phase Leader SLT
Picture 6 Mrs Howard - Y6 Teacher
Picture 7 Miss Fox Y6 Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Haveron - Y5 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Black - Y5 Teacher
Picture 10 Miss Van Der Zanden Y4 Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs Turner - Y3 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Simmonds - Y3 Teacher
Picture 13 Miss D Oddi - Y2 Teacher/E-Safety Leader
Picture 14 Miss Lilley - Y2 Teacher
Picture 15 Miss Brennan - Y1 Teacher
Picture 16 Miss Timms - RLT Teacher
Picture 17 Mrs Firkins - SENCo
Picture 18 Miss Walker - Pastoral Care
Picture 19 Mrs Tedder - EYFS LPSA/HLTA
Picture 20 Mrs Powell - Upper School LPSA/HLTA
Picture 21 Miss Cook - Upper School LPSA/ HLTA
Picture 22 Mrs J Allston Upper School LPSA
Picture 23 Mrs Gooding-Matthews Upper School LPSA
Picture 24 Mrs Smith - Lower School LPSA
Picture 25 Mrs Smith - Lower School LPSA
Picture 26 Miss Calvert - Lower School LPSA
Picture 27 Mrs Bowers - Lower School LPSA
Picture 28 Mrs Bell - Nursery Nurse/ RLT LPSA
Picture 29 Ms Dingwall - Upper School SEN LPSA
Picture 30 Mr Lammas Upper School SEN LPSA/PE COACH
Picture 31 Mrs Evans - Upper School SEN LPSA
Picture 32 Mrs Sharpe - Lower School SEN LPSA
Picture 33 Mrs Armes - Lower School SEN LPSA
Picture 34 Miss Rozier - Lower School SEN LPSA
Picture 35 Mrs Tallowin - Lower School SEN LPSA
Picture 36 Miss James - Interventions LPSA
Picture 37 Mrs Cochrane - Office/Finance Manager
Picture 38 Mrs Rainbird - Administration Officer
Picture 39 Mrs Stacey - Admissions & Attendance Officer
Picture 40 Mrs Firth-Bernard - Finance Assistant
Picture 41 Mr Irving - Caretaker
Picture 42 Mrs Chopping - Catering Manager
Picture 43 Miss Newberry - Catering assistant
Picture 44 Mrs King - Catering Assistant
Picture 45 Mrs Dunshire - Catering Assistant
Picture 46 Mrs Smith - SEN MDA
Picture 47 Miss Harrison - SEN MDA