The Mayflower Primary School



Introducing our SALSA - Mrs Knight!!! 


The SALSA program is designed to provide additional support to students who require assistance with their speech and language development.


At our school, we believe in every child's right to effective communication skills, as it is crucial for their academic and social progress. Communication skills play a pivotal role in a child's ability to express themselves, engage in classroom discussions, and establish connections with their peers. We are committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to enhance their communication abilities, and working with our SALSA will help the children to achieve this goal.


The Speech and Language Hub is led by Mrs Knight, our dedicated Speech and Language Support Assistant who has received specialised training and continues to develop her knowledge on a regular basis.


Mrs Knight works closely with our students in small groups or on an individual basis, providing tailored support to meet their specific needs. The sessions focus on building vocabulary, improving sentence structure, enhancing listening and comprehension skills, and encouraging clear and coherent speech.


We believe that early intervention is crucial when it comes to speech and language development. Therefore, Mrs Knight primarily targets students in the early years of their education but aims to see every child that needs it, regardless of their age.


Encouraging regular reading, engaging in conversations, and offering opportunities for creative expression can greatly assist in the development of language skills and therefore these skills are essential to rehearse at home, at school and at any given opportunity.