The Mayflower Primary School



Just like the Japanese Martial Art, Reading Karate is about practising a skill and working your way up through a series of bands/belts. This will encourage and inspire your child to read regularly at home helping them to achieve all the different coloured wristbands. It's going to be great fun, boosting your child's self-image as a reader and developing their reading skills and strategies.



  • Parents and children will need to write their reads into their reading diary and it will be checked in school and counted up.
  • Only 1 read is counted per day (so even if you read 6 times in a day, it's the one day that is counted, not the six individual reads!)
  • Parents MUST sign each read in their child's reading diary for it to count as a read.


Reading Diaries will be checked weekly and if your child has completed 20 reads at home, they will have their achievement announced in class and receive their first wristband from their teacher. When they read a further 20 times, they will return their current band and receive a new band to celebrate their next achievement. This will continue until your child achieves their black wristband. Once they complete their black band, they will graduate and enter into the 'hall of fame'. If they continue reading, they will be able to work towards achieving a bronze, silver and gold reading badge.


In addition to this, for every wrist band they achieve they will be entered into a prize draw for our Reading Raffle too, where they could be in with a chance of winning a book from our Book Vending Machine!! Names will be kept in the draw each week, so the more wrist bands they get, the more chance they'll have of winning a book!! There will be two winners each week, one from EYFS/KS1 and one from KS2.






At the end of the academic year, your child will be able to keep any black wristband, or bronze/silver/gold badge that they have earned. There is no cost for this reading incentive scheme, but we may ask for a small donation should any bands get lost.


Happy Reading!