The Mayflower Primary School

Communication Hub

We are proud  to be a Communication Hub school, the only one in the Harwich area!




A Communication Hub School promotes the improvement of speech, language and communication needs skills in its own pupils and the children within all settings across the local area. It aims to support early speech and language development to give children the skills they need to communicate inside and outside school, now and in the future.


Mayflower Primary school Communication Hub will provide training, advice and support and offers a free loan library of resources to support their interventions with children with speech, language and communication needs.





We have a wealth of experience, expertise and resources.

Some resources that we have on offer include (but are not limited to):


  • Start Up Boxes - these have a range of resources to help you start interventions.
  • Early Intervention Kits.
  • Story Sequencing Boards.
  • Mastering Memory Manual.
  • Listening Activities bases on Phonics...


Contact us at for more information.


Roles and Responsibilities


Communication Hub Lead: Donna Oddi

Communication Lead Practitioner: Nicky Knight


  • We aim to create a central communication experience.
  • To ensure that access to relevant and updated information is available to all.
  • To listen to practitioners and guide them to areas of support that is suited to their needs.
  • Provide an extensive and free resource loan library.
  • Collaborate with all practitioners, including childminders, nurseries, pre-school and primary school establishments.
  • Provide information, experience, knowledge and support.
  • Create availability for attendance of meetings by offering them online for ease of access.
  • Provide training on evidence-based assessments and interventions.
  • Offer professional advice.