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School Uniform

Mayflower Primary School




Policy Updated and Approved by Governors:       June 2016                  

Person Responsible:                                                Clare Sampson (Head of School)       

Date of Next Review:                                                June 2017


The Department for Education strongly encourages schools to have a uniform.  A uniform helps to develop a sense of belonging to the school and prevents competition and additional cost to parents.  We have found that wearing school colours supports us in maintaining our high standards of behaviour. For health and safety reasons children must have a change of clothes for PE. 





Additional Notes


red sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper

ideally with logo


white short sleeved polo shirt or white shirt

ideally with logo

trousers / skirt / dress

grey / black trousers or skirt

- in summer, grey/black shorts or red and white checked dress may be worn

- no black jeans, cords or leggings

socks / tights

plain white / grey / black

- should be a plain, block colour

- white / grey / black leggings worn as tights are acceptable


black shoes or sandals

- no trainers

- no flip flops/ beach sandals

- no heels


PE Kit



Additional Notes


indoor: plain white t-shirt (short sleeved) outdoor: as above, plus fleece / warm top

- this should be a round-necked top, not a collared polo-shirt (must not be same shirt as that worn in class)

- t-shirts with school logo are available


red shorts


tracksuit bottoms

black tracksuit bottoms/ leggings

warm for outside PE


indoor: black plimsolls

outdoor: trainers



Additional Notes 

All clothing should be clearly labelled. Every week, we gather lots of lost property – please help us to reduce this amount. 


Book Bags

Book bags are available to purchase from the school office.


Supplier:  School uniform can be purchased from various suppliers.  On our school website there is a school wear link at the bottom of the home page. 


Hair: Long hair should be tied back (this is so that it does not distract from learning and for hygiene reasons). Hairstyles should not be attention seeking e.g. extreme styles such as sculptured names / symbols, mohicans or dyed hair are neither appropriate or acceptable for children of primary school age. 


Jewellery and make-up: Jewellery is limited to a plain watch (avoid expensive watches) and plain stud earrings (no more than 4mm wide).  No earrings should be worn for PE.  No makeup, including nail varnish and no temporary tattoos. 


Non-uniform days: Occasionally, we have non-uniform days.  Pupils should dress appropriately; revealing clothes, high-heeled shoes and make-up are not appropriate, even on non-uniform days.

P.E Kit Reminder

As there are many incidences when children do not have the correct PE kit in school, we would like to remind you of the PE uniform requirements.

It is vital that your child has a PE kit in school every day.

They should have:

  • a pair of trainers for outdoor PE and games
  • black plimsolls for indoor PE
  • a white tee-shirt
  • red shorts
  • if girls are wearing tights they must have a pair of socks to put on with their trainers
  • a warm tracksuit for outdoor PE and games


For Health and Safety reasons they must not wear any watches or jewellery and will be asked to remove any earring studs.  If children cannot remove their own earrings they should not wear them to school. 

If your child does not have the correct PE kit, they will have to stand and watch the lesson, and a letter will be sent to you to let you know. 

Please make sure that your child is able to join in all lessons and activities by providing them with appropriate kit.  Thank you.