The Mayflower Primary School

World Kindness Day Award


The organisation called "Young Writers" (which we have used for writing competitions across the school) recently asked teachers to nominate a colleague for a World Kindness Day award.

I nominated Mrs Bartholomew and unbeknownst to me, three other members of staff also did the same! (They were: Miss Larue, Mrs Tallowin and Miss Oddi)

Young Writers sent Mrs Bartholomew a wonderful goody bag today which included a wide variety of treats. Needless to say, she was gobsmacked!

Here is the message we received from Young Writers, together with two photos.

"We have chosen Liz as a World Kindness Day goody bag winner and the package is on its way! Liz received the most nominations we've ever had so we've popped an extra little something in her goody bag, a lovely Cross pen, so every time she writes she'll think of her kind team!
We've let her know that you each nominated her and the reasons why, as it made us feel all warm and fuzzy, so we're sure it help Liz feel extra special!"