The Mayflower Primary School



Please check our class pages on ClassDojo regularly as we update these 2-3 times a week. Due to current circumstances, we will be posting homework onto ClassDojo, under the children's portfolios. Their homework can be easily submitted directly to the class teacher this way. Check out this great video on how families can use portfolios to upload work and respond to activities: 


We have started our new unit in Art, sculptures, by looking at the artist Barbara Hepworth as we will be creating our own sculptures based on dragons in the forthcoming weeks.

Take a look at our amazing double spreads of research and designing!


In Science this term, we are looking at sound. Over the next few weeks, we will be finding out how sound is made and how it travels whilst exploring different sources of sound. 


Lesson 1 - how sound is made

In this lesson, we investigated how sound is made by looking at several mini expriements. This included using tuning forks, rice on a drum, elastic bands, string and musical instruments. We learnt that sounds are made when objects vibrate. The vibration makes the air around the object vibrate and the air vibrations enter your ear.


Lesson 2 - how sound travels

In this week's lesson, we explored how sound travels by creating a group presentation, demonstrating the vibrations entering the ear canal to the ear drum, then to the middle ear bones into the inner ear and finally sending a signal through the hearing nerve to the brain.