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Hello and welcome back Year 4! We have lots to fit in this term and cannot wait to share it with you all! Please come back to our page to keep updated with what we get up to.


Class Dojo

Our school has recently signed up to Class Dojo, which will be used for communicating positive notes, photos and points to parents and carers. Your child will have taken at least one letter home regarding sign up details. We urge all parents to sign up as quickly as possible to avoid missing out on the regular updates Class Dojo provides. As always if there are any issues related to the platform, please let one of the Year 4 team know so we can help you access it.



We have just started our new Art project. This afternoon the children have been designing and sketching close ups of dragon eyes which will then be made in clay and finally painted. After learning about the project they were very keen to get on! I was really impressed by the level of focus they held and the intricate details they included in their drafts.



The children have been sculpted their dragon eye designs into clay and they look fantastic! We learnt about different techniques to use such as creating slip and crosshatching to attach pieces together. The children really enjoyed seeing their designs come to life. Next step - paint!





Sculpting the clay

Sketching our designs

World Book Day - 4AV

We had a fabulous day on Thursday dressing up as our favourite book characters. All of the children looked fantastic! We made our own bookmarks, read with the 2KL and had a yummy big booky breakfast. Take a look at our amazing costumes.




Science Day 26/2/2020

Yesterday was Science Day at Mayflower Primary School and Year 4 participated in three exciting experiments. They looked at strawberry DNA, how exercise effects the body and they made a non-Newtonian fluid. The children (and adults) had a fantastic day and learnt how amazing Science can be! I will upload pictures from all three investigations.


Currently in Science we are learning about states of matter and the processes which take place when they change. So far, we have explored various objects and classified them as a solid, liquid or gas. The children came up with some excellent reasons when explaining their grouping. Excitement erupted when a jelly was brought out! We discussed our thoughts on what the jelly is, considering the process of how it is made and finally decided that it was a solid.



The Vikings

We have just begun our Spring term topic, the Vikings! So far we have been reading the novel 'How to Train Your Dragon' in English. On Monday, we had the opportunity to smell, hear, see and feel what the Isle of Berk would be like. This helped us in generating some sensational vocabulary ready to use in our writing. Take a look at the pictures of us experiencing the Isle of Berk.