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Sports Day

Sports Day 2019


Well, we think Sports Day 2019 will be one that goes down in Mayflower history!

What a day! Despite the possible threat of rain, it wasn't raining at 8 am  this morning, and after a staff consultation, we decided to go ahead.

The children had over an hour and a half thoroughly enjoying themselves doing their sporting activities.  


However, we finally got rained off , but the day was made even more special by the hundreds of people, both family and friends of the children, who came back at lunchtime to enjoy a 'different' kind of picnic lunch. Knowing that so many families had taken a day off work to watch their children in Sports Day and to enjoy a relaxing lunch time, it seemed criminal to waste that time, so we hope that you enjoyed your unexpected afternoon together, spending quality time with your families.


We are often between a rock and a hard place on days like these - it really was a no win situation..... had we cancelled, some would have complained, and going ahead with the day, some have complained, but in the end what matters is that the children had a GREAT time and you got to spend time with your children.


Thank you  to all of you that did support the day, despite the weather and changes, also thank you to those of you who have gone out of your way to thank us!! It really means a lot to us all.





Fingers crossed for better weather next year. 

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