The Mayflower Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More


At Mayflower, we love to read and explore books and we consistently celebrate reading across the school.


To support early reading, we use Read Write Inc Phonics and this includes sending home books matched to the phonics being covered in daily phonics lessons.


Across the school, all children are encouraged to read at least five times a week to increase stamina and to be exposed to a wide variety of vocabulary. We hold weekly reading raffles, where every pupil that has read five times a week has a raffle ticket placed in a draw to win their very own book. We continually extend our supply of take-home reading books to facilitate this.


We are also a Reading Karate School. The children’s reading log book is checked to see how many times they are reading and this equates to a reading wristband. Different colour wristbands are awarded accordingly and this culminates in being inducted into The Reading Karate Hall of Fame, receiving a bronze, silver and gold badges and a certificate whilst wearing a cape and mortar board. 


All classes have daily reading lessons focussing upon the skills of a reader as well as developing the skills of comprehension. These involve discussing texts orally using tier 2 vocabulary and building skills to answer written comprehension questions.


Also, all teachers dedicate time daily to reading a story to the children to encourage a love for reading; we feel this is essential for building the skills of a reader. For this, we have a long and detailed reading spine based upon the research of Doug Lemov and this lists high quality books to be read to the children in each year group so they are exposed to the five plagues of a reader. These include classics, poetry and  narratively challenging stories.


We also deliver a weekly reading assembly to further celebrate the joys of reading.