The Mayflower Primary School

Latest Information

Contacting the school by telephone.


Good morning,
We now have a new telephone system at the school. Please can you listen to all the options available and select the correct one to ensure your call is directed to the correct person.
For reporting a pupil absence ( Miss Carmen) please select option 2.

Thanks for your co-operation


Polite Notice.

Please remember that the only cars allowed on site are those with parking permits! This is for Health and Safety as well as Safeguarding reasons.

Permits are provided to all members of staff on site as well as disabled badge holders.

Please do not try to bring your car onto site without a permit!

Parents are able to use the Asda car park with Park and Stride (applications are on our Mayflower website - under the 'parents' tab.)

There have been occasions recently when parents are following staff cars through the barrier. We would politely request that you refrain from doing so.


Some members of staff park their cars in designated spaces near the main school entrance.

Could we politely request that adults do not lean on these cars, walk between them or allow any children to go around or between them. It is very easy for accidental damage to take place and this is obviously something we want to avoid. 
Ms A Larue
Acting Deputy Headteacher
The Mayflower Primary School