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We hope you have all had a fantastic Summer holiday and are ready for an exciting year in Year 4!

Times Tables Rockstars

Year 4 have been practising and competing in Times Tables Rockstars since the start of this term and both class teachers have seen a big improvement in the children's scores. Well done 4AL and 4AV,  keep it up!

Every week in assembly, certificates are awarded to 3rd, 2nd and 1st place on the school leader board. So far, one member of Year 4 has already received a certificate for 3rd place. Let's see how many certificates we can get in Year 4 this year!


Science Experience Morning

Last Friday we were lucky enough to have a real scientist come to our school and involve our classes in an experiment! In the experiment we put an alka-seltzer tablet in water, which reacted to make carbon dioxide gas. The amount of gas in the rocket began to build up more and more pressure until the the rocket could not hold it any longer and blasted off into the air. 

Take a Look at Year 4's Scientists!


This term in Science we have been focusing on the topic 'Sound', investigating to find out how sound is made, how it travels and how the volume of sound makes a difference. In our latest lesson, we conducted an investigation into what materials are effective in preventing sound from reaching the ear. We used tin-foil, cling-film, paper towel, newspaper and cotton wool to cover a maraca. We tested each one to see which material was the most sound proof. Ask your children about the results!



Year 4's Cracking Contraptions!

In English we have been looking at 'Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions'. A letter from Wallace himself was delivered to Year 4 requesting for help to replace his stolen contraptions, explanation texts and blueprints. We had so much fun designing our own inventions, writing up an explanation text to go along with them and even creating them from recycling!