The Mayflower Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More


Welcome to Year 2! 

We hope you had a lovely summer holiday and are looking forward to this year as much as us!


Thank you to everyone that came to watch and support us when we performed our nativity 'Hay Presto' this week. We worked really hard learning our lines and practising our songs. Here are some pictures of 2KL in their costumes. 

Gallery Experience

Today 2KL had a great time viewing their own artwork in The Mayflower Art Gallery! The children loved being artists and having their work displayed. Thank you Miss Timms for providing us with such a great opportunity. If you would still like to purchase your child's art, they will be available to buy until Friday 13th December for £10. 

Nativity Tickets

The nativity tickets will be available for collection from the office on 26th November 2019 from 8:45am. We are performing on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th December from 2pm. Each child had been allocated 2 tickets. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Multicultural Day

Today 2KL had a brilliant time visiting other countries and learning about their culture. They visited Australia, Brazil and Italy. The children made rain sticks, maracas and pizzas! Have a look at the fun we had... 

Science Experience 

2KL had a fantastic time learning with Chris the scientist carrying out a variety of experiments using air. The children learnt more about how to make an experiment a fair test. They discussed how we only need to change one thing when changing our experiment so that we can test the other variables correctly. The children made lids pop off of tubs, arrows fly into the air and watching a rocket shoot up into the sky in the playground! 

Times Table Rockstars

Please make sure you are typing in The Mayflower Primary School when you log in to Times Table Rockstars rather than Mayflower Primary School. This could be why your child's login is not working. 

Attendance Trophy

Well done 2KL for winning the Attendance Trophy twice this half term. Keep it up! 

Our African Adventure! 

Today we went on an adventure! Miss Lilley gave us our boarding passes so that we could board the aeroplane to Africa. We watched an in-flight safety video, fastened our seat belts and sat patiently whilst we took off! Our stewardess bought the snack trolley down the aisle whilst we were on the flight. We enjoyed a biscuit and some orange squash! Once we landed in Africa we were taken to Namibia ready for our safari! We all piled into our jeep, got our cameras ready and were very excited to see the animals! We are now ready to write our postcards. 


Jackson Pollock 

2KL had a brilliant time recreating the work of Jackson Pollock this week! We looked carefully at his work and discussed the colours that he used and why. We shared our opinions about his artwork and talked about the techniques he used to create his paintings. 

Meet the Teachers

Thank you to everyone that attended our meet the teacher morning! We hope you found it useful! 

The Mayflower Reading Race

This year Miss Lilley has organised a whole school reading race! Each week, if your child reads 5 times they will be entered into the Reading Race. The tickets entered by each class every week will counted and the racing cars will be moved along the track accordingly. The class with the most tickets at the end of each half term will win a prize decided by the School Council. 

Parent Helpers

If you would like to volunteer this year to listen to children read, please get in contact with the office.

2KL - PE 

Our PE days are:

Indoor - Monday

Outdoor - Thursday 

Please ensure your child has the correct indoor and outdoor kit, earrings are removed and hair is tied back for these days.



2DO - PE 

Our PE days are:

Indoor - Wednesday

Outdoor - Thursday 

Please ensure your child has the correct indoor and outdoor kit, earrings are removed and hair is tied back for these days.


This term our topic is 'Explorers'. We will be learning about the world, continents and oceans. We will also be learning about famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus. We will be recreating art from around the world. 




This year, homework will be given out on a Thursday. 


Don't forget to read at least 5 times a week to be in with a chance of winning the Reading Challenge. It is really important for your children to read as any times as possible in order to secure the learning they do at school, aid their comprehension and confidence when reading. 

If you are in 2KL, you will also be entered into Miss Lilley's  Reading Raffle each time you read! 


The first spellings we are learning this year are the Year 2 common exception words. It is expected that children will know how to read and write these words by the end of Year 2. Please practise these at home with your child, we will be looking at the spelling patterns and rules in class every Thursday.