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Tag Rugby - thank you to Miss Harrison for a great unit of work!

Today we went on a local trip to The War Department (locally known as The WD or The Dubs).  We had a great time and found out how Harwich was involved in the Second World War, and how the area is now being cleared and made safe for future generations. 

Trip to the War Department

Meet the Teacher PowerPoint

Welcome to Year 6


We are really looking forward to seeing you all for your final year at The Mayflower Primary School!  We have lots of fun activities planned for this term and hope that you all return to school full of enthusiasm and excitement for the new school year.


Our Topic for this term is World War II and we will be exploring this through lessons in History, Geography, Art, D&T and English.  


In Maths we will begin our term with 'Investigating Number Systems' and continue to use the Mastery Flow technique that we introduced last year.


PE lessons will be on a Wednesday and Friday.  PE Kits MUST be in school at all times!


We will begin our RE lessons, looking at Judaism and the Jewish way of life.


Please continue to support your children by reading with them regularly (at least 5 times a week), completing homework on time and ensuring they attend school reading and equipped to learn!



In our writing lessons we have been inspired by the short animation 'The Piano' and have written some amazing historical narratives. We worked hard to think carefully about connecting with our reader through hooking them in by using emotional flashbacks for our main character. We would love to share our quality pieces of writing with you!



We are learning about the human body with a specific focus on the circulatory and respiratory systems. We were really excited (most of us!) to see a real life  ox heart dissection and learnt so much about what a heart really looks like and how it works. We would share some photos but they are pretty gruesome! You are welcome to have a look in our science books and we can tell all about what we learnt.