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Year 2

The children had great fun in their new class today! 

They are all moving into Year 2 in the same classes. 1KL will become 2JS. Their teacher will be Mrs Simmonds and their teaching assistant will be Mrs Howlett. 


As we have been learning about weight in maths, we made biscuits today. We tried hard to read the scales and weigh out the ingredients correctly. The biscuits tasted very nice! 

That's the way to do it! 

Key Stage 1 had a brilliant time watching the Punch and Judy show today! Thank you very much for all of your donations that went towards this excellent show. The children were able to watch the show, take a look behind the scenes of the show and have a go with the puppets and the slap sticks. 

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Teddy Bear Run

Year 1 had a lovely time at Harwich and Dovercourt High school today. They completed their teddy bear run very well and took part in some sports activities after the run. 

Jackson Pollock

We had lots of fun today recreating Jackson Pollock's artwork. We thought about how we were feeling and the colours we could use to represent this to create our pictures. We got a little bit messy too! 


Year 1 Trip

We had so much fun on our school trip on Friday! Thank you to everyone that brought in a blanket for us to take. The weather was lovely and the children were so well behaved as always. Here are some pictures of the fun that we had...


Today in PE we did some yoga, we tried really hard to copy the positions that we were shown. Balancing in the positions was a little bit tricky! 

Mayor Visit

Today, the Deputy Mayor came to visit us and told us all about his role and the history of the kitchel. He left us some kitchels to eat, we thought they were very yummy!


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Umbrella Investigation!

Today we carried out a science experiment to find out which material would be the best to use for an umbrella. We worked in a team to test each of the materials and see if the stickle brick head got wet or not when the jar was covered with the material. We enjoyed testing the materials and seeing whether they we waterproof or not. 


In science this half term we have been learning about everyday materials and their properties. Here are some pictures of us testing out the properties of some objects...

Making Music!

Today we listened carefully to a song, thought about the instruments we could use to represent the lyrics, learnt the song and played our instruments along with it. We were very proud of what we did so filmed it for everyone to see! 


Still image for this video

Phonics Screening Check

The phonics screening check will be administered to all Year 1 children the week beginning 12th June. Please continue to read regularly with your child and talk about the sounds they find in the words using the sound mats that were sent home. Thank you for you support. 

Class Photo

Any orders for our class photo need to be returned to school by Wednesday (10/05/2017). 

Pirate Day

We had so much fun today dressing up as pirates! Thank you for your continued support and dedication with helping to make the children's experience at school exciting and engaging. We used our knowledge of aerial maps and positional language to find hidden treasure, we pretended we were stuck on a desert island and used role play to come up things we would have to do to survive. We designed, made and evaluated our own Pirate Punch using a mixture of fruit juice and fruit and sung pirate sea shanty songs! 

Summer Topic

This term our topic is 'Beside the Seaside'


Image result for british seaside 

Summer Star Writer

This term we will be looking for the Summer star writer...

Marvellous ME

Don't forget to sign up to Marvellous ME (letter given out 10/01/2017) to find out about your child's achievements in 1KL. Speak to Miss Lilley or Mrs Smith for more information. 


Please ensure your child has both an indoor and an outdoor PE kit

PE days have now changed. 

Indoor PE - Monday

Outdoor PE - Friday

Please make sure you child has the correct PE kit, long hair is tied back and their earrings have been removed for these days. 



Would you be willing to listen to children in 1KL read?

We are always looking for volunteers to help the children improve their reading skills. 

Please speak to Miss Lilley or Mrs Smith for more details. 


Class Assembly 

1KL will be taking part in another class assembly this term. Date to follow...



The children have been working really hard to improve their reading in Year 1. Reading everyday really helps the children to improve even more. Remember that your child will be entered into the Reading Raffle each time they read where they could win lots of exciting prizes.


Welcome Wednesdays

Every Wednesday after school you are more than welcome to come into the classroom with your children to have a look in their books to see what they have been learning and to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you!



Every Wednesday flapjack is sold in the playground at break time for all children at a cost of 20p.