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Welcome to SUMMER!  What a great week to return to school; sunshine and happiness all around.


As always, the Summer Term will be hectic and fast-paced with a variety to extra-curricular activities taking place, that we will notify you about nearer the time. 


In English we will be having daily, separate reading and writing lessons to continue with the good progress we have already made this year.  Our reading lessons will be focusing on the skills needed to be a confident and successful reader. In writing we are going to be creating our own science fiction narratives using the novel 'Cosmic' as inspiration.


Within our maths unit of 'Reasoning with Fractions', we will be focusing on adding, subtracting and multiplying vulgar fractions (including mixed numbers and improper fractions).  


Science will be a half term of investigations looking at the different forces that affect our day to day lives, and how these can be both a help and a hindrance . 


Our history topic of 'Crime and Punishment' will explore all of the gory and disgusting ways in which our country has punished criminals over the centuries.


In RE we will be learning about Sikhism and the Guru Granth Sahib.


We will be continuing with the use of cams and we will be designing and making our own moving toys in D&T.


PE for this half term will focus on athletics during the outdoor sessions and gymnastics indoors.  Outdoor PE will take place regardless of the weather and only be postponed in severe circumstances - please ensure your children have adequate kit as well as suncream, water bottles and hats if necessary.


We have now finished with our hip hop focus in music and have moved on to mowtown.