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Welcome back and a Happy New Year!


Linking with our Roman topic, we will be learning how to count in Roman numerals to 100.  We will also be learning how to plot and read co-ordinates on a grid and calculate the perimeter and area of 2D shapes.  In addition, we will be continuing with Numeracy Ninjas, timed calculation exercises with the aim to improve the children's mental strategies and times tables.  



Grammar will be our focus for the first part of the term, including fronted adverbials, pronouns and determiners.  We will then be writing persuasive letters, as part of a whole school project.  



Please continue to read with your child daily.  We will be focusing on summarising what we have read and using our predicting skills to consider what may happen.

History - The Romans

During this topic, we will be creating a timeline of significant events, using our research skills to find out the differences between the Romans and the Celts and discovering what Roman life was like in Britain.  


Science - Electricity 

We will be investigating circuits, common insulators and conductors.  In addition, we will be considering what objects can generate electricity.


R.E. - Hinduism

This term, we will be studying the religion of Hinduism.  We will be listening to and recalling some Hindu religious stories, gaining an understanding of some Hindu symbols and finding out about Hindu festivals.



We will be learning how to read music and play the recorder.  


Design and Technology

This will be linked to our Roman and R.E. topic of Hinduism.  


We will continue to have P.E. on a Thursday.  As the weather is getting chillier please ensure that you child has appropriate warm clothing.  

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