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Stone Age to the Iron Age


This term our topic is all about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We have already started creating our own cave art which has taught us a little more about what life was like all those years ago. 

Stone Age 


We created stone age art work by trying to recreate the conditions that art work was really produced all these years ago. We pushed the tables together to make a cave, turned on some candles, laid on our backs and draw on parchment underneath the table. It was really fun but very tricky!


We attempted to be hunters and make our own tools and weapons to hunt. Our biggest challenge was shaping our tools and tying all our parts together. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


In English, we are using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to inspire us with our writing. We had an experience day tasting chocolate helping us to think of ideas for our own chocolate bars. 

The Human Digestive System


We made junk models to show our understanding of the digestive system. In the following lesson we made a practical model of the digestive system to try to recreate how it works. It was really good fun and helped us remember what happens inside our body to digest food. 


We have also been learning about our teeth and what makes up a strong healthy tooth. We conducted an experiment to test if tooth enamel can be damaged by using eggs and a range of liquids. We looked into the effects of artificial sugar, natural sugar, acidic foods, dark coloured food and how they change the 'enamel' of the egg shell. Our overall conclusion...clean your teeth regularly!

RE - Judaism


In RE we are learning more about Judaism. We understand more about the Synagogue and some of the significant religious items that are important to Jews. We also learnt about some of the special clothing worn by some Jews. We tried on a Kippah and a Tallit. 

Rocking Assembly!


We had Rockstar Steve visit us in assembly to play us some awesome rock songs. He is part of 'Rock Steady' who teach children how to play musical instruments. It rocked!

Art - Making Woolly Mamoths


We have been learning how to sculpt things using clay. We practised the skills we need to mark the clay and how to join pieces together. We then made woolly mammoths and were very pleased with the results.

World Book Day


We had so much fun dressing up for World Book Day. We enjoyed lots of activities based around the book Charlie and the Chocolate factory. In maths we completed an investigation about Smarties and in English we enjoyed being creative to create some art using words.