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We have been using multi-link to calculate the capacity of containers. This has been a lot of fun!

WOW! Thank you for the amazing effort for this year's World Book Day costumes! Year 5 are the best!

Don't forget World Book Day will be taking place this Thursday.  We can't wait to see all of you in your literary inspired costumes!

Despite the snow making it feel very much like winter, we are, in fact, now into the second part of the Spring Term.


In English we will continue to look at non-fiction writing and will be producing information texts about dragons.  We will be working hard to ensure our reading comprehension skills improve and this will be supported by the Friday Reading Hour.


Within our maths unit of 'Reasoning with measure', we will be focusing on perimeter, area and volume.  


We are continuing with our space topic for science and with the weather topic for French. 


In geography we will be looking at the area of Scandinavia and learning about the countries, climates and physical and human features of the countries.


In RE we will be learning more about the Christian Holy Week and making connections with the symbolism of Spring as well as looking at how these symbols have altered over the centuries.


This term's D&T topic involves the use of cams and we will be designing and making our own moving toys.


PE for this half term will focus on cricket during the outdoor sessions and gymnastics indoors.  Outdoor PE will take place regardless of the weather and only be postponed in severe circumstances - please ensure your children have adequate kit.


We have now finished with our ballads focus in music and have moved on to old school hip hop.  We will be learning 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and will be spending some time writing and performing our own compositions.


As you can see, we have lots to do and with nearly a week off due to the snow, we need to stay focused and work hard!


Happy New Year!  The Christmas holidays have whizzed by and we're now back and ready to face the challenges of the Spring Term.  We have lots of exciting lessons planned for the next 5 and a bit weeks and we will be focusing on the following topics:

     This terms science unit is Earth and Space.  We will be focusing on the planets within our own solar system and exploring the way our own planet provides different seasons. 

     In RE we will be building on our knowledge of Buddhism from year 4 and looking at the similarities and difference between religions. 

     We will begin our first geography unit of the year which is 'Investigating Rivers'.  We have already begun looking at the hydrological cycle and the importance of rivers within this system.

      PE will be used to cover the sport of basketball on a Friday (outdoor kits must be in school - children are expected to participate with or without outdoor kits), and dance on a Monday.  We will be choreographing our own whole class dance as part of our Space topic.

      ICT will see us continuing with our coding and programming units of work as well as using a range of software for research and presentation.

      In Art we will be looking at the work of space artist Mark Garlick.  We will be using marbling techniques to create space collages and junk modelling to create a range of small scale space objects.

       French will continue with the new unit of 'Weather', with the children learning new vocabulary as well as practising the language learnt during the 'Town' unit we began last term.  

      Our Music unit last term changed from Jazz to Christmas and we all enjoyed learning new songs for the School Carol Service.  This term we will be concentrating on Ballads, beginning with Adele and then moving to some older songs the children may not be familiar with - get ready to hear some golden oldies! 


Please ensure that you are signed up for Marvellous Me so that you can be kept up to date with your child's achievements and have the opportunity to celebrate our classes successes.