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Remember that we have P.E. on Wednesdays (outside) and Fridays (inside) please make sure that the children have their kits in ready to take place in the activities.


Make sure that you sign up for the new marvellousMe app to hear regular updates about your children and their progress. 


We are very excited this term as we are having a space theme and this will be the focus of our Science and English. 


In English, we are looking at formal letters and persuasive writing. In our writing we are trying to extend and add interest to our sentences by using different techniques. We also have spellings that we learn as part of our class work and for our home work. It really helps your children to read with them and the more they read the greater chance they have of getting a prize in the reading raffle - draw on a Friday.


In Science, we are looking at the solar system and its movement. We will also look at the rotation of the earth and how the sun appears to move across the sky and the moon phases.


In Maths we are looking at geometry and the angles of shapes and then moving on to problem solving using the four rules. Then we will be working with decimals. Homework goes out on a Wednesday and should be back at school on Monday. Remember there is homework club if you feel your child need help and support. 


In History we are looking at crime and punishment through the years starting with the Romans. The children are really looking forward to finding out about the different punishments.


For Geography we are studying rivers and the way that it travels from the source to the mouth. We will also look at the different features that the rivers carve in the landscape.


In R.E. we are studying Buddhism and the way that Buddhists try to live their lives. We are also looking at how the Buddha lived his life.