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Our Aims and Ethos

The School's Vision

Our new vision statement was rewritten at the start of 2016/17 academic year with the help of staff, governors and pupils.  It reflects our overarching aims, ethos and values and we plan to use it to chart our journey for the next few years and to inspire further progress and developments.

The School’s Vision

The Mayflower Primary School will pursue excellence in all aspects of school life and will inspire the school community to reach inspirational levels of behaviour, attitude, values and personal achievement.  Children are confident, motivated, resilient and determined to learn. The school will nurture self belief to enable all members of the school community to develop their true potential. The school is built on foundations of trust and honesty, which are established, cultivated and maintained by all.  

Our pupils are respectful, polite, spiritual and curious individuals who have high expectations of themselves and each other.  They fully engage with learning and understand that it is a lifelong activity, which will allow them to live their dreams and contribute positively to a global society. 

Communication is effective and successful and supports pupils in achieving their goals and creates a positive experience for all.  Parents are true partners in their child’s learning because they understand their child’s progress and achievement and feel confident to engage with the school community. 

The school community promotes equality and has respect for individual differences, contributions and community values.  We work together to provide every child with an inclusive learning experience. 

Our Mission Statement

To enable children to achieve their true potential in a happy and safe environment.

Our Aims

To fulfill our mission statement, our aims are:

  • To be a safe, happy, caring community of learners
  • To help all individuals regardless of their race, gender or disability to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their full potential
  • To develop understanding of and respect for a wide range of religious values, languages and cultural traditions and different ways of life
  • To encourage an enjoyment of life-long learning
  • To encourage positive parental and community involvement
  • To promote healthy lifestyles
  • To provide a curriculum that is stimulating, broad, balanced, innovative and creative
  • To celebrate achievement