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Mayflower Primary School Football Club
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Why should I join Football Club?

For many children in the UK and across the globe, football is by far the natural choice as far as a team sport and therefore it becomes the better option.


Here are some excellent reasons to join:


Making friends - Joining youth football team will give you the chance to forge lifelong friendships with your team mates.

Build self condifence - A great way for you to gain confidence is through doing something you love with your friends. When you are is a part of a football team you can develop a strong friendship group and a real sense of belonging. You can gain confidence as your ability develops and the team experiences success on the pitch.


Improve communication - To be successful on the pitch a team must work well together, which means communicating with each other when playing and passing the ball.


Building parents/child bonds - football is an opportunity to share something that you both love.


Improve social skills - When playing as part of a team, you can learn how to communicate with each other an with adults such as coaches and referees.


Increased energy - Playing sport regularly will generally give you more energy, which in turn can lead to greater stamina and physical ability, and improved mental agility.


Greater focus - Playing regularly for a youth football team is a positive addition to your routine, give you something health and enjoyable to focus on.


All for fun - Football is a very fun sport, especially with your friends.

Mayflower Primary Football Club


If you would like to join Mayflower Primary Football Club, the details are as follows:


Monday After School:

Year 3 + 4 Football Club

3:15pm - 4:30pm

With Mr Lammas


Tuesday After School:
Year 5 + 6 Football Club
3:15pm - 4:30pm
With Mr Irving


Due to the cold winter months, your child will be asked to bring warm clothing i.e. Tracksuit top and bottoms, football boots and shin pads.


Also, due to the cold winter months, football club may experience cancellations and if this was to occur you would be informed by text message from the school ASAP.

Mayflower Primary Football Club

Football at Mayflower Primary School is back with a BANG! last year was a solid year in Football, but this year is going to be even better because this year we do not have just the one team, we now have two teams.


Mayflower A - Mr Irving's Team
Mayflower A team is based in League 1 with 5 other school and covering 5 fixtures, 2 home and 3 away fixtures.


Mayflower B - Mr Lammas' Team
Mayflower B team is based in League 2 with 4 other schools covering 4 fixtures, 2 home and 2 away fixtures.