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Bedtime Reading and Hot Chocolate evening - Tuesday 6th Nov 2018

We would like to thank all the parents/grandparents/other adults and children that attended our 'Bedtime Reading with Hot Chocolate' evening. We feel the evening was a great success and we hope that adults will share the information from the evening with their friends and family members. If you were unable to attend, but would like a resource pack, they are available from the school office.


Thank you once again, we hope you enjoyed it!

EYFS children enjoying Bedtime Reading

Parental feedback: Bedtime Reading and Hot Chocolate Evening 6th November 2018

  • Very informative – liked the way the teacher related to our everyday issues. Thank you for a very worthwhile evening.

  • Brilliant presentation, thank you very much. You have encouraged me to restart reading with my 11 year old daughter.

  • Fantastic talk. Well done! Opened my eyes to new ideas.

  • Great resource pack – Thank you!

  • Thanks for informing us how much reading is done during school time. It’s nice to hear how interested you are in our children’s future – not just the present!

  • Very enjoyable.

  • Very useful presentation and thank you.

  • Thank you for all the information.

  • Much better than expected! Lots of info for me to take away! Can the children be told the statistics too as this would help a lot.

  • Excellent presentation. Very good points.

  • Very interesting facts. Interesting and inspiring facts.

  • Very enlightening! Nice easy to follow presentation.

  • THANK YOU. Made me realise how important reading is. Thank you – I will make this and take this on board and into our daily routine.

  • Clever! Really enjoyed it. You should do more evenings like this.

  • Very interesting and informative.

  • Great presentation.

  • Very enlightening! Please can we have another one – on Maths?

  • Really interesting and informative. Has inspired me to make books really fun!

  • Very informative hour. Learnt a lot of good tips to check on my child’s comprehension skills.

  • Very well presented and very useful!

  • Very interesting numbers regarding this. Will encourage children to read much more.

  • Very useful presentation. Harry loves reading because of this school!

  • Lovely evening. Lots of useful information.

  • Fantastic presentation! Better understanding now of decoding and comprehension.

  • Good presentation. Be good to have one about helping children with maths.

  • Keep up the great work!

  • Very helpful and useful.

  • Lovely presentation. Shocked about the 7 year itch. Will make sure I will never discourage my children to want to still read to me/ or to be read to.

  • A very nice evening. Thank you.

  • Very impressed with all the information given – actually shocked at some things I heard. Makes me very determined for my son to strive with reading.

  • Very good – but I need my dinner!

  • Very informative. Good resources.

  • Too clear that many parents aren’t interested.

  • Thanks for the handouts – very useful.

  • Very helpful and I feel inspired.

  • Interesting facts and figures. I use charity shops to buy books for my daughter -for £1 we get 10 books of her choice!

  • Very insightful – I’m 13 and a reading mentor at high school with Year 7s.

  • Very interesting. Eye opening information shared.

  • My daughter often comes home with the same books. I am hoping that she will be asked to take home something different as I think she may be getting comfortable with familiar books and does not learn more.

  • Very interesting to hear about how children read.

  • Feel very informed and very impressed.

  • Idea: maybe more modern books and popular characters.

  • Idea: There are some good “story” reading apps for electronics. One I use with grandson is a Disney app. Just a though when books are not available. Also Borrow Box.



  • I just wanted to say a massive well done. The talk was simply inspirational and I truly believe you have made the parents think deeply about the importance of reading.
    Thomas and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Just to say that I'm sure you are quite tired after such a long day yesterday, but It was a great evening. The parents seemed very positive about everything.