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~~~Mayflower Primary Basketball ~~~

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The Mayflower Mavericks are competing in their 2nd Season of Basketball in the Tendring area. Last year was a huge success in finishing 2nd in the KS2 Basketball League that is based in Clacton, Essex.


This year we are looking for one better, here at Mayflower Primary School we are incredibly proud of our sports teams and one of them is the Basketball Team, each member 0f the squad is hard-working, shows passion and is an essential team-player. This is something that is required to join the Mayflower Mavericks.



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Mayflower Mavericks - After School Training


Year 4 + 5 Basketball

The idea of having this new club starting at the school will encourage younger Basketball enthusiasts to come along and train and develop themselves to play at the best they can for Mayflower Mavericks. As well as promoting Basketball to girls, this club will be open to Year 4 and 5 at Mayflower Primary School.


Year 6 Basketball
The idea of having a Basketball Club primarily for Year 6 is we can enjoy their last few months at primary school together with their friends, while learning new information about Basketball. The Year 6 Basketball Club will also be used for representing the school at local tournaments.


(Please note, not all spaces will be guaranteed from the Year 6 club on tournament days as a small amount of spaces will be used to for the Year 4 and 5 Club and more will be given depending on behaviour from both clubs, thank you.)

Year 4 + 5 Basketball

Date:     Thursday After School
Time:    3:15pm - 4:30pm
Place:   School Hall/School Playground
Clacton Cannons


Year 6 Basketball
Date:    Monday After School
Time:   3:15pm - 4:30pm
Place:   Schooll Hall/School Playground

Mr Lammas


If your child is at all interested in joining the Mavs then please let Mr Lammas know and a letter will be given to your child ASAP.


You look forward to seeing your child at practice smiley