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Welcome to Year 3

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Thank you to everyone that has already signed up to Marvellous Me. It is a great way to see all the brilliant things your child has been doing in class. Don't forget to give me a high 5 back when you have read your notification!

Our Topic this term is:    Rainforests

We will be learning:

  • where rainforests are located around the world
  • identifying the different layers of the rainforest
  • identifying the different animals that live in rainforests
  • understand the importance of different plants that grow in the rainforests
  • threats to rainforest habitats and the impact 



Picture 1


Tuesday - Swimming (Don't forget your swimsuit and towel)

Friday - Dancing 

Please ensure all earrings are removed before P.E. sessions.



Science - Plants

We will be:

  • identifying the parts of a plant and their function
  • investigating why roots, the stem and leaves  are important to plants


R.E. - Jesus' parables

We will be reading numerous parables from the bible and discussing the meaning behind them.  


We will be learning basic French greetings and to ask and answer questions such as 'How are you?'.